LA series

The original work, melodious, stretching forever


M series

Beyond the imagination of the rhyme, clear and melodious, smooth


CDO series

The choice of high-end quality, pleasing to the ear, easy interpretation


KP series

Surging bass in person to shock


Anhui University of Technology

Anhui University of Science & Technology (ANUST) is a high-level university with special features built in Anhui Province, and is a university supported by the national "Revitalization Plan for Higher Education in Central and Western China" - Basic Capacity Building Project for Universities in Central and Western China, and is a university jointly built by Anhui Province and the State Administration of Work Safety and the Ministry of Education "Excellent Engineer Education Training Program". It

Wuhan Hetian Hotel Conference Center

Wuhan Hetian Hotel is invested and built by 719 Research Institute of CSIC according to the star standard. The hotel is located in the Chemical Technology Park of Wuhan East Lake Technology Development Zone, with Townsend Lake to the west and Binhu Road to the northeast. The hotel covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 70,000 square meters. The garden-style garden pattern and the buildings are distributed in villa style. Its hardware and supporting facilit

Guiyang Yiaspo Township Event Performance

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is an important central city in the southwest region and an important ecological leisure and resort city in China. It is named after the south of Guishan Mountain in Guiyang, and has a history of more than 400 years. In ancient times, Guiyang produced bamboo in abundance and was famous for making musical instruments called "Chiku", so it was called "Chiku" for short, also known as "Jinzhu".

Imperial Lake Entertainment 30 KTV Clubs

Dihu Entertainment Club is a KTV entertainment club located in Guangzhou, indoor with nearly 30 different styles of private rooms, different personalities of private room design and you to experience, each contains a different artistic feeling, decorated with colorful style, leisure and enthusiasm into one, with rhyme strong QSN high quality shock audio system will be Dihu Entertainment Club into a variety of local parties, entertainment and leisure preferred place.

Zhejiang Red Hall 25 KTV

Zhejiang Red Pavilion KTV is a chain of entertainment, leisure and business in one of the self-service KTV brand institutions. Rhyme strong audio and Zhejiang Red Hall KTV again hand in hand, business + Party.k mode concept to create a new landmark of Zhejiang Red Hall entertainment. At present, the KTV industry's "party storm" has landed across the country, this wave of new stores like springing up are basically high-end positioning of Party.k.

About Us

Guangzhou Yunqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that integrates demand-oriented integrated services such as research and development, production and engineering installation. The company is the main agent of German TWYL brand audio, and is responsible for the brand's marketing and product sales in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2010, the company was officially registered in Guangzhou, China. The company is committed to providing the highest quality standards of professional audio equipment and professional service support for the global market. The main products of the company are: professional power amplifier, professional speaker, professional karaoke equipment, professional peripheral products and conference system, microphone, mixer and so on. At the same time, it provides first-class support services for KTV, nightclubs, DISCO, bars, theaters, multi-function halls, sports venues, TV studios, live concerts and other places.

    A training course on building corporate culture and corporate execution!

    The school season starts, and our company has not lagged behind in learning. Yesterday, we were honored to have Mr. Chen Zhaohua from Sun Yat-sen University come to our company to give a lecture. The theme of the course is: corporate culture building and corporate execution, the course time is one day, and it is also a day full of harvest for all of our staff.

    2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    尊敬的客户: 马上又将迎来我国传统佳节——春节假期,感谢2022年您的支持与信任。 值此2023年春节即将来临之际,韵强音响向您致以最诚挚的节日祝福,再次感谢您一直以来对我司的支持与信任,新的一年,我们将以更优质的服务、更优质的产品为您提供更全面的服务。 预祝您在新的一年万事如意,事事顺心,财源广进,福禄双收!

    Reignite 2021 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition

    The 19th China International Lighting & Audio Fair has successfully drawn to a close. After 4 days, Rhyme Strong Audio has blossomed in Guangzhou and delivered a satisfactory answer to all the friends who visited Rhyme Strong Audio's booth this time.

    Rhyme Strong Audio again won the top ten brands of 2022

    December 22, 2022, by the HC audio and lighting network organized by the 2022 annual sound, light, video and information wisdom industry conference and the 18th HC brand event held in Guangzhou Changlong Hotel International Convention and Exhibition Center grand.

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    Our team strives for its ideal, we are complementary, we have a clear division of labor, we have the same goal, we struggle hard and persevere! Because we firmly believe that a good idea and an excellent team will inevitably achieve a far-reaching ideal!  .

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